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12 month commercial license for Art Play - Black repeat pattern.


File is .jpg 300 resolution in RGB profile and ready to print. 


Please read the below terms before purchasing.


Licensing agreement Terms and Conditions 

This is a summary of the licensing terms and conditions. A customised agreement will be sent to you within three business days after purchase and must be agreed to before commencement of production. 


License Period 

12 months from date of purchase.


Supply of Prints 

The prints will be supplied as high quality jpeg files and will be sent immediately upon receipt of payment of the agreed amount of $250 AUD. 



The prints will be licensed non-exclusively for use within any category.  The prints may also be used in the manufacture of packaging and for promotional purposes. 


Ownership and Copyright  

Jiah Harrison maintains ownership and copyright of the prints and retains the right to sell or license them non-exclusively to other parties. She may also use the prints for her own manufacturing purposes.  


Agency or Third Party Rights 

The licensed print may not be shared with any Third Party for the purposes of any manufacturing whatsoever other than outsourcing of your own production.  


Rights to Further Use Not Defined 

Anything that relates to the use of these prints that is not clearly outlined in the agreement must be negotiated with Jiah Harrison via email -




Art Play Black - Non-exclusive license

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